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Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment PlantWaste water Management.

Waste Water EvaporationWaste Water EvaporationWater is the  Elixir of life a vital ingredient in any plant, company or office a precious resource that if properly used and managed can generate cost savings and opportunities.

Mistcooling Inc was born out of the desire of being Environmental friendly through water processing its Recycle – Reuse – Recover – Reduce.

We at Mistcooling Inc are determined to "Tap and Use" any opportunity that can be used towards water processing and Purification.

Mistcooling Inc has Innovatie Technical Experties with  Engineering base Environment Engineering Company with over 20+ years of Experience in Water, Waste Water and allied systems. Together we will spearhead into the domain of Industrial Waste Eater Recycling, Water Processing & Waste Water treatment and will play our role in keeping the environment clean & conserving it for the future.

Mistcooling Inc with its expertise in Chemical and Mechanical pre-treatment along with membrane systems can help you to:

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

When the water prices are set to be on a high note and with natural resources depleting too fast because they cannot cater the need of today’s booming industries and above that to add on, the effluent is polluting our precious environment, time calls for a big step towards reducing our Carbon Footprints and minimizing the "Use & Throw" of water and effluent respectively from the Industries.
This water crisis and Environment concern call in for the Zero Liquid Discharge systems.

ZLD is custom made for each and every Industry as their Inlet water, Process and effluent may differ in many aspects.

Mistcooling Inc can help you to be a Zero Liquid Discharge plant.
  • Mistcooling Inc with its expertise in chemical and mechanical pre-treatment along with membrane systems, and with our fundamentals of “Recycle - Reuse – Recovery - Reduce” can reduce the effluent discharge of your plant to zero.
  • We design and manufacture custom made ZLD plant for each and every Industry as their Inlet water, Process and effluent may differ in many aspects.

Product Recovery

Generally people consider their Effluent a Waste but we don’t, Wastewater has a potential to save a considerable amount of money if it is processed in a proper way.

The effluent coming out of the plant is not always a complete waste. It may many times contain

  • Direct product
  • By-product
  • Co-product
  • Un-reacted reactants

Which may be recovered back as Pure Product* or Low Yield product*.

  • We use membrane Separation of different Molecular size cut off’s to achieve this recovery of product and followed by drying techniques if required.
  • We could also adopt any special method / Technique for recovery for the products which can be thermally or mechanically disintegrated.

*Treatability tests are to be done.

Boiler and Cooling Tower Blowdown Recycle.

Huge amount of Water is circulated in Boilers and Cooling Towers to maintain the Dissolved Solids to a certain limit, and it is very important in the working and improvement of Efficiency of Boiler and Cooling Tower.

To Control this TDS build up there is continuous / intermittent blow down of water and this water is thus discharged in High Volumes as an Effluent.

Mistcooling Inc recycles this Blow down Water using certain Chemical / Mechanical Pretreatment followed by Membrane Separation Technologies and recycle the treated Low TDS - high Grade water back to the plant.

This Controlled TDS water will help the Industry in:

  • The Operating costs – they will become Lower.
  • Giving higher efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance costs.
  • Reduce the dependency of Fresh Water thus become self sustainable.

Inlet Water Purification 

Water inlet to any industry can be derived from many natural/manmade sources e.g. River, Lake, Bore well, Sea etc but this water cannot be directly used in process, it has to be brought down to the standards which are required for a hassle free process thus giving a Quality product.

Generally the inlet parameters for any of the natural resources are of the same quality but sometimes it can vary largely in Dissolved solids and salt contents.

With proper Pre-Treatment and by further chemical & mechanical processes we can bring down the quality of the raw water to any client specific required quality. This water can be used in many applications ranging from:-

  • Boiler Makeup Water
  • Cooling tower Makeup water
  • Pharma Grade water
  • Food & Beverages grade water
  • Water for injection
  • Tablet manufacturing
  • Drinking water
  • Bottled water


Hospitality Waste Water Treatment PlantWith a constant and significant growth in the tourism sector worldwide, hospitality sector is gaining new heights, people are flocking into hotels, resorts and clubs for their entertainment, leisure and business.

With increase in the gentry the intake and wastage of water is thus increased. To cater the need of the water we either need to recycle and reuse our water or tap other sources of abundant water such as sea and go for desalination.

Felix industries can help you in both the cases i.e.

  • Either "go green" and recycle your waste water.
  • or
  • Use sea water to generate any amount of required water for your use.    


Desalinization is the process of extracting pure water out of this high TDS water like Ocean water, thus separating all the salts, living organisms and life forms from water and bringing it to desired level for either Human Consumption or process industry use.

In desalinization process the reject stream contains mostly brine solution which can also be used in chilling plants and/or for power generation. Hence Desalinization can tap and use the abundant source of water that is SEA.