1500PSI Misting Pump

Boost the power of your existing evaporative mist cooling system by upgrading it with our whisper quiet, High Pressure 1500psi High Pressure Misting Pump. Water flows through your existing Cooling Mist Nozzles with more pressure producing smaller droplets practically no residual moisture. The High Pressure water Pump for Misting includes Outdoor Rated Enclosure, 5 Micron Filter, Direct Drive Piston Mist Pump with H Class Motor, Adjustable Flow Rate Bypass Valve, and Thermal Safety Switch. Optional Smart Phone Misting Spray Controller.
Features: - Tri plex piston pump - Direct drive on 56C NEMA Frame Motor, - Flow rate adjustable with PRV, - Fan cooled motor with high temperature rating, - built in water cut off, solenoid, pressure bypass, - High amp on/off switch, - outdoor rated enclosure, - pressure gauge, - thermal safety switch. - Fan cooled motor with H class rating, - 5-micron commercial water filter Specifications 1500 PSI Misting Pump: 0.15 & 0.30 GPM - For up to 40 Misting Nozzles - Pressure Adjustment Valve to allow increase or decrease of the outlet water pressure. - Pump pre-set for ideal working - Solenoid Valve – controls flow of water in the misting pump - Pressure Switch or no cut off water switch will turn pump off, if no water supply - Thermal Safety Swithc - Maximum Speed 1800 rpm - Full load Amps. (0.15/ 0.30 gpm.): 1.38/ 2.00 Amps - Noise level: 75 DB - Maximum Inlet Pressure – 100 PSI - Every 1500 psi comes with industrial grade filter along with ¾ inch to 3/8 inch GHT adapter and 3/8” high- pressure feed line. As you may know, the more nozzles you use, the more the pressure of the pump is affected. This means that if you invest in a 1500psi pump with more nozzles, you will be operating at around 600 to 800psi. However, with this pump, you don’t have to worry about that, as no matter how many nozzles you insert, you are most likely to enjoy water pressure more than 1000psi - which is more than your average misting pump. With this high pressure misting pump installed, the water flows through the nozzles with more pressure and the general rule is that the higher the pressure, the smaller the droplets; thus you enjoy flash evaporation with practically no residual moisture. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes wet.
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