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Pump Fitting- Elbow swivel Male thread to Push Lock

Pump Fitting- Elbow swivel Male thread to Push Lock

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Create a quick smooth and water tight connection between 1000 and 1500 Psi misting pump inlet or outlet port by installing our highly advanced pump fitting having a unique design seal and swiveling mechanism can make ease at discharge port to mist line to adjust the any direction of tubing along 360 degree around the tube. Unlike regular pump fitting, this pump fitting is unique in every sense of the word including design, performance, and installation.

Product Description


To optimize the fast and convenient installation of your misting system, it is important that all parts – even the smallest parts – like pump fittings used to create and connect the system are a perfect match. This is where our elbow swivel male thread comes into the picture is even suitable for BSP or NPT pipe threads.


Boasting an innovative design, this pump fitting is the best choice for creating smooth and water-tight connections between misting lines and pumps ports. You can use it to connect your hose to your misting pump for high system performance. The male thread with swiveling mechanism with push lock connection makes it easy for you to connect and install this pump fitting to your system without any hassle instantly.


To keep your investment safe, this pump fitting is nickel plated which makes it rust-proof. So, even when it is exposed to rain or moisture it will not lose its shine.


This pump fitting is available in


• elbow swivel 1/8 inch male thread to 1/4 inch push lock
• elbow swivel 1/4 Inch Male thread to 1/4 Inch push lock-available on request
• elbow swivel 3/8 Inch Male thread to 3/8 Inch push lock-available on request


The swivel joint and male threads not only allow high pressure fluid conducting but also provide design versatility that contributes to simplified plumbing.

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