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Tube Reducer-Male Female thread

Tube Reducer-Male Female thread

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Are you struggling with different pipe size? Looking for ways to ensure that they meet hydraulic flow requirements of your piping or misting system? If yes, then consider investing in this tube reducer by MistCooling Inc. This tube reducer can be install for the two different size of tubing and help to connect either male or female threaded connection.

Product Description


Featuring a 3/8 inch female thread and ¼ inch male thread this is premium quality pipe reducer adopter designed to help you meet the hydraulic flow needs of different size of piping system in your misting system without any hassle. It allows for a change in the pipe size and easily adapts to exiting piping of different sizes. It is a heavy duty brass metal tube reducer designed to boost the misting performance of your system. For more information, contact us today!


Can be available in various sizes of threads or can be custom make to suit your size.

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