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Stainless Steel Magnetic Clamps- Bag of 5

Stainless Steel Magnetic Clamps- Bag of 5

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Hang your mist cooling system on any metal wall you want with our stainless steel rubber mount magnetic clamps to make sure your kids don’t poke their finger into the fan while it’s running. It’s the best way to install misting line without making any drill holes on the structure, which will eliminate of any damage on the building side wall and makes ease to create cool zones in and around your home with a peace of mind.

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Product Description


If you’re dreading the tiresome task of installing your misting product like misting system on the metal without screwing holes on the structure on the wall, then don’t worry, consider investing in our industry grade magnetic clamps.


Made from high quality stainless steel rubber mount tubing clamp, these heavy-duty magnetic clamps make installing misting system of up to 12lbs on the metal structures an easy breeze. The stainless steel makes these clamps strong gripping on the tube as well as corrosion resistant while the magnetic power eliminates the need for drilling holes. Besides this, the rubberized clamps help reduce vibration and chattering noise also facilitate with directional control. What more can you ask for?


Simply attach these clamps to the metal structure on the wall and then install your misting system. Viola, that’s it! You have a hanging misting line in a few seconds. It can be used with applications like hanging patio misting, AC pre-cooling misting systems and more. These are available for 1/4” and 3/8” OD tubing and come in a pack of 5.


• Pull force of 12lbs


• Stainless Steel clamp with Industrial grade heavy duty magnet
• For use with patio misting kits
• AC pre-cooling misting system
• Mid Pressure misting systems and High Pressure Misting Kits

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