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Garage Misting System -Beige Color

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This is our pre-assembled garage misting system kit, exclusively engineered to keep your garage cool during summers. By installing our garage misting kit, you can instantly lower your garage temperature by 25 to 30 degrees.

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Regular Price: $80.00

Special Price: $59.99

Product Description


Since most garages in the US are not properly insulated, it becomes extremely difficult to work in garages during summers.  Investing in central air systems can be expensive and besides that, each time you open your garage door, the cooling is most likely to escape making it extremely difficult to cool your garage and attain the desired temperature.


If you’re looking for a functional and low-cost solution to keep your garage cool, consider our garage misting system kit. It is all you need to create a cool workable garage this summer. Garage misting system is easy to install and very cost-effective. It comes with a customizable option too. You can get it customized according to your garage specification and cooling needs. It can be easily upgraded with a mid pressure booster pump.  Besides this, the system can also be used in warehouses and auto repair shops.


• 12ft - UV protected 1/4'' misting line
• 10ft - UV protected 1/4'' supply line
• 6 - Premium Brass/Stailess Steel Orifice Nozzles
• 5 - Misting Tees
• 1 - Misting Elbow (End Cap)
• 1- 3/4'' GHT (Garden Hose Adapter)
• 7 - Nail on clamps



Without Nozzles System :


• 40ft - UV protected 1/4'' misting line
• 15ft - UV protected 1/4'' supply line
• 19 - Misting Tees Push lock
• 1 - Misting Elbow (End Cap) Push lock
• 1- 3/4'' GHT (Garden Hose Adapter)
• 16 - Nail on clamps


Garage Mister has all mid pressure push lock fittings, and can be customized to the required size and application, and is also upgradeable with Mid Pressure Booster Pump.

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