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Coupling Tee with Straight Nozzle Extension

Coupling Tee with Straight Nozzle Extension


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Boasting a unique design, this coupling tee is no ordinary tee available in the market. It is designed for performance. It is a 1/4 inch T shaped nickel plated coupling featuring a straight mist nozzle extension in the 3 way push lock Coupling Tee. This coupling tee is perfect to use to network tubing for smooth fluid flow.

Product Description


This is a high-quality coupling tee of 1/4 inches and a 10/24 misting nozzle thread adapter. It has two outlets at 90 degrees which connect to the main line. It can be used for connecting pipes and tubing and also for changing the direction of tubing runs. This is ideally used in misting systems for smooth mist flow through the system. Unlike other tees, this tee also features a straight mist nozzle extension for lowering the mist spray height and easy nozzle attachment and support and is embedded with the advanced anti-drip feature which ensures the mist is instantly powered on and off as needed without any dripping.


It is designed for use with mid and high pressure misting systems, mosquito control misting systems, and industrial misting systems rated up to 2000 psi. Besides these applications, it can also be used for applications like produce case and patio misting.


• 10/24 thread
• 2000  PSI Rated
• Anti-drip feature
• Nickel plated


1/4 ‘’ size, 10/24 thread, nickel plated, high pressure misting system parts and accessories for residential, commercial and industrial misting applications available at

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