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Poly-Phosphate Water Filter

Poly-Phosphate Water Filter

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Nozzles installed in the mist cooling system often tend to reduce in performance and efficiency, typically because of excessive dirt, sediments, impurities and dust collection inside them, which usually occurs if you use hard water for misting. Hard water is rich in mineral content which clogs nozzles. Therefore, to improve quality of mist and performance of your misting nozzles, consider installing our Poly-Phosphate water filter.

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Product Description


This is a high-quality and easy to install 6x2 water filter model MC601 featuring 5 micron poly-phosphate filter that attaches smoothly and directly to your low and mid-pressure mist cooling systems/hose bibb.


The filter is designed for performance. It helps remove mineral content like sediments and impurities, as well as dust and dirt from the nozzles, ensuring your system nozzles remain unclogged and work with high efficiency.


When the nozzles are clean and unclogged, they tend to work their best. They swiftly breakdown the large water particles into millions of tiny droplets - and as you may know, the smaller the droplets, the faster they are absorbed, thereby creating a cool zone immediately.


With this water filter, you can rest assured that your nozzles will remain free from clogging up to as long as 6 months.


• Micron Rating: 5
• Temp. Range: 40 - 100 F
• Inlet Connection: 3/4'' FHT
• Outlet Connection: 3/4'' MHT
• Pressure Range: 20
• 125 PSI
• Gallons Per Minute: About 1 GPM
• Dimensions: 6" length x 2" diameter
• Filter Media: Poly Phosphate
• Filter Life: About 2,000 gallons or 6 months
• Reduces: Chlorine as well as sediment, dirt, rust, and other impurities down to 5 microns


• 5 Micron Poly

• Phosphate Filter

• Prevents clogging of mist nozzles

• 6 Months Life

• Easy installation

• Simply attaches to any Outdoor Spigot or garden hose

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