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Roof Cooling Misting System

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This is a high functional roof cooling misting system featuring max 250psi pump with built-in thermostat and on/off timer and 360° misting nozzles, exclusively designed to keep your home’s roofing cool during hot summer months.

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Product Description


UV rays can damage your roof badly. These rays absorb the essential oils and weatherproofing chemicals from the roof tiles and gradually damage it. After the essential oils dry up, the roof tiles become weak and eventually, they crumble. Not only that, the heat also penetrates into the home, increasing indoor temperatures. This takes longer for your air conditioning system to cool the indoors and attain a desired temperature, which results in high energy bills due to high power consumption of these systems.


However, by installing this roof mist cooling system, you can easily reduce your roof temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit at half the cost. The cool mist created through the system keeps your roof cool and lowers the heat absorption. The built in thermostat monitors the roof temperature constantly and activates mist when needed, this helps keep your roof temperature normal and saves water as well.


With this system installed on your roof, you no longer have to keep your A/C running for long hours, helping you enjoy amazing energy saving and cool indoors without breaking your bank.


Base Roof Cooling Kit Includes:

• 1- Max 250psi roof cooling mist pump with built in thermostat and on/off timer
• 3- 360 Degrees Misting Nozzle Risers
• 10- PVC Magentic Clamps
• Necessary Fittings for DIY installation


• UL Approved outdoor Misting Pump
• Steel Enclosure
• 360 Degrees Misting Nozzles
• Magentic PVC clamps
• 5 to10 feet Diameter Spray Pattern
• No need to drill holes in roof
• Use your own pvc tubing to connect the risers to pump
• Fully expandable

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