Industrial Misting System

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DIY Custom High Pressure Misting System for Industrial and large Commercial applications to reduce hot temps by up to 30°F in warehouses, manufacturing plants, Petro chem plants, refineries, livestock pens, theme parks, and more. Kit includes 1500psi Misting Pump, 3/8” Stainless Steel Misting System line in 10FT lengths with standard 10/24” threading, 3/8” UV Resistant High Pressure Nylon Mist Tubing rolls, 0.006” Stainless Steel Orifice Mist Nozzles with 10/24” threading, 3/8” Compression Union, 3/8” Compression End Plug, Commercial Filter for Mister Pumps, and all other necessary Fittings required for installation and operation of the system. Can be customized.
Base Kit Includes: - 1-1500PSI High Pressure Tri-Plex Mist Pump with Built in Solenoid, Pressure Switch, Pressure Bypass in Outdoor Rust Proof-Enclosure - 4- 10 FT Welded Stainless- Steel Mist Line (Total 40 Feet) - 50ft Flexible 3/8 Feed line - 20- Ultrafine Stainless- Steel Orifice Mist Nozzles 10/24 threads - 0.006" - 4- 3/8 compression unions - 1- End Plug - 1- 5 Micron Commercial Filtration for the Pump Misc. Necessary Fittings and Stainless-Steel Clamps Stainless Steel Tubing: - Stainless Steel Tubing - 3/8 Inch OD – with 10/24 thread - 10 Ft Section, Nozzle threads every 2 Ft - 5 Nozzle Slots on each 10 Ft section - Welded Stainless Steel - Rated for 2000 PSI Fittings - Coupling Union to connect the Stainless- Steel Tube Sections - 3/8 Inch Fittings - Compression Fittings - Nickle Plated - 3/8 End Plug – to close the misting line. High Pressure Nylon Tubing - 50 Ft - 3/8 Inch OD - Feed Line - for connecting Garden hose to the Misting Pump - 300 PSI Rated - UV Treated - Black Color Filter: - 5 Micron Filter - Filter in the package comes with 3/8 inch inlet- outlet fitting. - Standard pump comes with ¼ inch push lock type fitting; However, it is placed on 3/8” male and ¼ inch female adapter. - Outlet comes with ¼ inch fitting as standard; however, depending on package requirement it can be modified to 3/8 inch. - Scale free filters can also be added to mist systems to prevent clogging of nozzles due to hard water. TAC Scale Free filters are recommended for such locations and lasts up to 2 years.
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