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Free System Design

Not sure about what misting system is right for you? No worry. We will provide custom system design and free consultation to our customers. developed misting systems with the installer in mind. Our push lock fittings require no tools and can be installed very quickly.

All systems are customized to fit the space and environment that you wish to cool. We offer a wide variety of outdoor high pressure cooling systems for all applications.

Simply "Submit" our following custom design form.

Custom Design Form

1) Your name and Phone Number and/or Email Address

2) Area details (sample 50ft Outdoor Patio, Tiki bar, etc.)

3) Diagram or photo of area to be misted – Picturers recommended!

4) Fill the following information for designing a system that's will fit under your budget

Also the include the following:

  • Dimension the area

  • Height at which the misting system to be installed? (like., height of the eaves or overhang above the area)

  • How many open sides on the perimeter of the area? (like a covered patio or deck attached to a house could have 1 to 4 open sides

  • Overhead perimeter measurement

  • Distance from pump location to the first nozzel in the mist line?

  • Distance from the water source to the plug of electricity? (Pump is normally located where water and power are nearest and out of the way,

  • What is the structure of material (i.e., fiberglass, wood, stucco, etc.)

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