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Humidification System

Humidification System

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Powered with a 250psi mid pressure pump, 5 nozzles and 50 feet UV coated nylon flexible tubing; this is an efficient and easy to use humidification system with self-regulated humidity controller for automatic operation.

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Regular Price: $999.99

Special Price: $849.99

Product Description


Engineered carefully to help growers maintain and regulate ideal temperatures and humidity in greenhouses, this is an advanced and automatic humidification system made in the US. It is easy to install and extremely functional.


Once installed, this greenhouse misting system helps foster plant growth all year round by achieving ideal humidity level. Plants often wilt when humidity in the greenhouse drops below 30 percent RH. This usually happens in the summers when the heat absorbs away the humidity. However, this system provides you a low cost solution for ideal greenhouse climatic control.


Additionally, this system can be used for other humidification applications too, like wine storage, and concrete curing. It is also being used actively in the paper, textile and wood industries. The system is scalable and can be easily customized for humidification of large areas.


Base 5 Nozzle Humidification System Includes:


• 1- 250 PSI Mid Pressure Misting Pump with built in humidity controller, filtration and Solenoid
• 50 FT- UV Coated 1/4 inch Flexible Tubing
• 4- Push Lock misting Tees
• 1- Push Lock End Elbow
• 5- Misting Nozzles
All necessary fittings and accessories for DIY installation


• Whisper Quiet Operation
• Self regulated humidity controller
• Built in Solenoid and Filtration system
• Steel Enclosure
• Humidity control and measuring range of 1% ~ 99% RH
• High Quality Stainless Steel Orifice Misting Nozzles

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