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Misting Pumps

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  1. 200psi Misting Booster Pump

    <p style="text-align: justify;">High quality 200psi mid pressure misting pump. Quiet Operation, Self Priming from Tank, Built in Thermal Safety. MADE IN USA</p>

  2. 250PSI Misting Pump

    Industry leading Mid Pressure Mist System powered by Max 250psi Mist Pump. Innovation powerhouse with built in water On/Off Solenoid Valve, built in Internal Filtration, rust proof Outdoor Enclosure, UV Resistant Mist Line, and Nickel-Plated Extruded Brass Mist Spray Nozzles with Stainless Steel Orifice Mist Spray Nozzles. This Flexible Mist Kit will allow you to turn hot application areas into instant cool zones. Use for Applications like outdoor patio cooling, gazebo water mister, pool and pet areas. A must have for any home owner! Now featuring durable Metal Fittings.
  3. 12 V DC 1000 PSI Pump

    Sale 12 V DC 1000 PSI Pump
    Regular Price $1,099.99 Special Price $824.99
  4. 1000PSI Misting Pumps

    Sale 1000PSI Misting Pumps
    The Perfect Misting System for Residential or Light Commercial Applications includes 1000psi oil free, wall mountable, virtually maintenance free Pump in an outdoor rated Enclosure with a 5 Micron Water Filter, stainless steel Misting Nozzles, stainless steel Mounting Clamps, flexible high pressure Nylon Tubing, and End Plug to end the Misting System Line. Perfect for cooling backyards, greenhouses, gazebos, front and back porches, gardens, livestock pens, barns, stables, restaurant patios, food trucks, fast food outdoor dining, workshops, garages.
    Regular Price $1,099.99 Special Price $989.99
  5. Misting Pump - Oil Less - 1500psi

    Sale Misting Pump - Oil Less - 1500psi
    Regular Price $1,759.99 Special Price $1,428.99
  6. 1500PSI Misting Pump

    Boost the power of your existing evaporative mist cooling system by upgrading it with our whisper quiet, High Pressure 1500psi High Pressure Misting Pump. Water flows through your existing Cooling Mist Nozzles with more pressure producing smaller droplets practically no residual moisture. The High Pressure water Pump for Misting includes Outdoor Rated Enclosure, 5 Micron Filter, Direct Drive Piston Mist Pump with H Class Motor, Adjustable Flow Rate Bypass Valve, and Thermal Safety Switch. Optional Smart Phone Misting Spray Controller.
  7. 1500 PSI Misting Pump- 220 Volts

    Sale 1500 PSI Misting Pump- 220 Volts
    Regular Price $2,089.99 Special Price $1,749.99
  8. Misting Pump Multi Zone

    Regular Price $2,199.99 Special Price $1,999.99
  9. High Flow Mist Pumps

  10. Explosion Proof Mist Pump

  11. Variable Speed Misting Pump - VFD

    Built with a variable frequency drive and energy-efficient Max1500 psi variable speed misting pump, now you can automatically adjust mist output flow based on your cooling needs.
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