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Ruby Orifice Nozzle

Ruby Orifice Nozzle 10/24

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Say no-more to patchy nozzle spray pattern. Switch to our rubi orifice misting nozzles and create high quality smooth pattern than any other nozzles. High pressure rubi nozzle misting systems comes with built in no drip and filter feature to prevent dripping & clogging. Easily cleanable to reuse nozzle in short time again!

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Product Description



Our ultimate high performance rubi orifice misting nozzles come standard with more features than any other nozzles.


During the manufacturing process, use of Rubi material allows for perfectly smooth edges in the orifice creating smooth spray pattrn that creates ultrafine mist droplets.


Mainly used for high pressure misting systems, each rubi orifice nozzle comes with built in antidrip feature to prevent dripping and nozzle filter to prevent clogging. Thats not all, if the nozzle were to get clogged, its cleanable fog pin design will allow you to easily clean the nozzle for reuse.


Its Stainless Steel body withstands most corrosive applications. Available in 0.002'', 0.004'',0.006'' and 0.008'' Orifice with 10/24 Thread. Optional 12/24 and 1/8 adapters available.




OUTDOOR MIST COOLING - Amusement Park, Golf Course, Hotels and Resorts, Living areas, Restaurants, Spectator seating areas, Sporting events, Patio and backyard and special effects fogging


INDUSTRIAL- Air and Gas, AC Condenser Coils, Cooling Towers, Concrete Curing, Construction, Mining, Odor and Dust Control, Paper Shredding, Plastic extrusion, Pollution Control, Textiles


AGRICULTURE AND HORTICULTURE - Flower beds, Foliar Feeding, Greenhouses, Hydroponics, Orchards, Plants, Propagation, Storage cooling, Frost damage control, Vineyards


  • • Ruby Orifice for perfect spray pattern
  • • Choose from Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated brass body
  • • SS Cleanable Fog-pin design
  • • Includes nozzle Filter
  • • Built in anti-drip feature
  • • Stainless Steel body withstands most corrosive applications

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