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Misting System for Tent


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Tent misting system to convert your ordinary tent to a misting tent. Tent misting system is easy to instal, and operate, simply attach the misting system to your tent, and fix to the garden hose to operate the system.

Product Description


Low pressure misting system for tent. Simply unpack, attach to your tent and connect to a garden hose to create a misting tent system.

Each misting system uses high quality brass stainless misting nozzles, UV treated flexible mist tubing, and high quality misting tees with 10/24 threads.

Misting system for the tent will help cool the surrounding areas by up to 30 degrees, and installs in 5 minutes.


75ft of UV resistant flexible ¼’’ tubing (65 ft mist line + 10ft supply line)

• 20 – Ultra fine Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles (More durable than cheap plastic nozzles)
• 20- Leak proof compression nozzle fittings (Pre-installed every 2 feet)
• Attaches to any garden hose or spigot
• Operates on city water pressure 40-100PSI
• Includes mounting clamps
• Completely pre-assembled and easy to install (Simply unpack and attach to your existing tent!)
• Tent Sold Separately
• Supply line can be expanded to meet your specifications (Add additional tubing/ft to your cart along with this kit)
• Note: This system should not be used with a Booster Pump. It is designed to be used with standard household water pressure only

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