PVC Misting Pack

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An excellent way to cool spaces is with using rigid, sturdy PVC Tubing and this pack of 5 PVC Misting Tees with Brass spray mister Nozzles with stainless-steel orifices. Designed for use in Mist Cooling Inc Low-Pressure Misting Systems and Mid-Pressure Misting Systems to cool outdoor, and indoor workspaces like patios, barns, warehouses, greenhouses, poultry pens, chicken coups, aviaries, zoos, gardens, and more by up to 30-Degrees F. These Misting Tees have 10/24-inch Female water mist cooling Nozzles Thread and are compatible with all 10/24-inch thread cooling mister nozzles. Use with ½-inch schedule 40 PVC Misting Tubing. Suitable for cool mist cooling backyard spaces, dog-runs, small chicken coups, gazebos, and more. NOTE: PVC Misting Tees will have a permanent misting angle once they are glued to the PVC tubing. You can use our Flexible Fine Mist Nozzle Extensions should you desire directional misting. ADVANTAGES Rust-Proof Brass Mister Nozzles with Stainless-Steel orifices UV-Protected PVC will not crack under extreme heat Excellent for Do-It-Yourselfers who want to create a cooling water mister system for their backyards, gardens, greenhouse cooling system, livestock mister, barns, hog pens, poultry coups, or for commercial mister systems or Industrial misting like amusement parks, casinos, restaurant misters for patios, production plants, pipeline yards, and warehouses just to name a few
- Brass nozzles with stainless-steel orifices - 0.015-Inch Nozzle Orifice - ½-Inch UV-Protected PVC Tee - For Low or Mid-Pressure Misting Systems - 10/24-Inch F Threaded Nozzles - Use with ½-Inch schedule 40 PVC Misting Tubing - Rust proof - Perfect for DIYers - Uses standard city water pressure of 40-100psi - 5 Brass nozzles - with stainless-steel orifices - with 5 UV-Protected PVC Tees - to use with PVC Misting System - and reduce hot temperatures - by up to 30-Degrees F - PVC Tees - UV-Protected - 10/24-Inch Threaded - Made to be used with ½-Inch Schedule 40 ½-Inch PVC Tubing - Made to use with standard city water pressure of 40-100psi amazon says 40-60 - Brass Nozzles - Rust-Proof Brass body, stainless-steel orifice - Orifice size is 0.015-inch - 10/24-Inch F threaded - PVC misting tee - low-pressure misting system - mid-pressure misting system - spray mister nozzle - water mist cooling nozzles - cooling mister nozzles - PVC misting tubing - cool mist - cooling water mister system - greenhouse cooling system - livestock mister - industrial misting - restaurant misters - brass mister nozzles - cooling nozzles - cooling mist nozzle - fine mist nozzle - misting tees - cool air mist
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