Patio Misting Kit - 48 Feet


Prepare to enjoy your backyard or BBQ Cooking area longer this Summer by instantly cooling outdoor areas by up to 30°F! Your family, friends, pets, and plants will appreciate the mist cooling amenity all day and evening/all summer long! Kit includes Mist line, Supply Line, Cooling Mist Nozzles, Mister Fittings preinstalled on Misting Tubing, and Mounting Clamps. Works at 40 to 100psi city water pressure. Sample applications include verandas, porticos, cooling a greenhouse, verandas, porticos, gardens, aviaries, gazebos, and more!

Features: - 48FT System - 15FT Mist Line- and 33 Ft Feed Line - 12 Nozzle System - Evenly Spaced Nozzles at 3FT to prevent wetness on the surface - 11 Misting Tees - 1 Misting End Elbow - Comes Complete with clamps, no additional parts needed to use System - Completely Assembled - Made in USA - Can be easily attached to any surface - Directional Spray Misting - Simply fix to your garden hose and ready to use Tubing - ¼ inch OD Flexible PE Tubing - Max burst pressure is 300psi at 75 degree F - UV Resistant Flexible Tubing Nozzles - Nickel-plated brass button series - With stainless-steel Orifice - Standard 10/24 inch thread in - 0.015 inch OD Orifice - Rust-resistant fixed impeller pin Fittings - ¼ inch OD - Compression Fittings - Beige Color to blend with most patios and backyards - Compression Type Fittings - Leak Proof
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