Patio Misting System - 160psi

DIY entry level Mid Pressure cool mist Patio Misting System by Mist Cooling Inc offers excellent value and efficient performance for a variety of small outdoor projects. Available in 110V ac, 220V ac, and 12V DC. 160psi self priming Water Mist Pump (can also draw from a tank/bucket), 50FT of UV Resistant crack resistant nylon Mist Tubing, 12ct Nickel Plated Brass Misting Nozzles with Stainless Steel Orifices, rust resistant impeller pin, standard 10/24” threading, 12ct push to connect medium pressure misting systems Mister Tees, Filter, Garden Hose Connector, and misting system Clamps for installation. Quiet operation, self priming, maximum pump pressure 200psi, supports up to 24ct Nozzles spaced 2 to 3FT apart. Sample applications include using backyard cooling misters for backyard spaces, picnic pavilions, courtyards, verandas, balconies, gazebo misting system, patio air coolers, chicken coups, barns, dog runs, outdoor porch misters, and more!
The possibilities with this micro spray water cooling system patio misting system powered by a misting booster pump are endless! Three times more powerful with a So why not cool your boat or RV? Cool play areas for kids and pets, spray mist cooling, home water mister, gazebo water mister, and many more applications. Drop HOT temperatures by up to 30-Degrees F by adding a small greenhouse misting system for the plants in your hobby greenhouse. This water spray cooling system includes everything you need for a trouble-free installation: 160psi Misting Pump, 50FT of UV-Protected Mist Tubing, 12 Brass Mist Heads with stainless-steel orifices, 12 push-to-connect Misting Fittings Tees, Filter, standard size Garden Hose Connector, and Plastic Clamps. Self-priming cooling mist pump is capable of drawing water from a tank or bucket. Mid-Pressure System supports up to 24 mist spray nozzles. Features: Base 12 Nozzle Kit Includes: • 160 PSI Misting Pump • 12 – Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles • 12 – Push to Connect Metal Misting Tees • 1 – Push to Connect Misting End Elbow • 1 – Calcium Inhibitor Filter • 30 - ¼ Inch Black Clamps • 50 Feet of Black Tubing • 6 Ft Feed Line" Specifications: • 160 PSI Mist Pump • 160psi Pump Quiet operation 35DB • Self-priming • Max pressure 200psi pump • 110 V • Thermal Safety Switch • Oil-less Pumps may generate heat, motor manufacturer have installed built-in thermal safety switch to improve the longevity of pumps • Standard pump inlet: 3/8-Inch push lock Fitting. • Standard Pump outlet: 1/4-Inch Push lock fitting." Nozzles: • Nickel-plated brass button series • With stainless-steel Orifice • Standard 10/24-inch thread • 0.012-inch Orifice • Rust-resistant fixed impeller pin • 0.014 GPM Flow per Nozzle" Fittings: • 1/4 inch OD • Push to Connect Fittings • Easily Re-Usable • Metal Fittings • 10/24 Thread Size • Leak Proof Fittings" Tubing: - ¼ inch OD Flexible PE Tubing - Max burst pressure is 300psi at 75°F - UV Resistant Flexible Tubing - Black Color - UV Treated"
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