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Plastic Elbow for misting systems

Plastic Elbow for misting systems

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Manufactured to be used in low to mid pressure applications, this is a high quality 1/4 inch non metallic is embedded with push to connect tube fitting elbow for misting systems made from strong plastic. It’s push to tube lock technology for easy installation.

Product Description


Install this plastic elbow to change the direction of your misting system pipe at the corner as per your needs. It can be installed between two lengths of tubing for a smooth and efficient change of direction without any hassle.


More importantly, unlike regular elbow fittings that require ends to be welded and socketed or bending, this elbow fitting by MistCooling Inc. features push to connect system. This means it requires no welding or bending of tubes for installation purpose. Simply push and connect it to your desired pipes and change the direction of the pipe systems as needed. For best results, use it with low to mid pressure cooling systems.


Tube fitting is made of gray polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and has a 90-degree elbow shape for connecting polyethylene (PE) or standard Nylon tubing at an angle of 90 degree. This elbow creates a tight seal on flexible PE pipe when used with plastic tubing, PVC is corrosion resistant, and has high strength. It resists reactions with acids, gasoline, alcohol, and hydrocarbons. It’s wall thickness to support working pressure to 140 psi.


Pipe fittings are components used for connecting, terminating, controlling flow, and changing the direction of piping in many different industries.


• 1/4 inch
• Push lock fittings
• For mid pressure mistcooling system

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