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No drip stainless steel nozzle

Stainless Steel Anti-drip Misting Nozzles

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Keep your surroundings cool with ultra-fine mist without any surface wetting or dripping by investing in our stainless steel anti-drip misting nozzles. These nozzles are built for performance in every sense of the word. Our stainless steel anti-drip mist nozzles can be used for a large variety of applications including but not limited to humidification, restaurant misting, dust and odor control, industrial and patio misting.

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Product Description


Made from high-quality stainless steel, these nozzles are rated for outdoor use and rustproof. Rest assured you can easily use these nozzles for outdoor misting purpose without any worries. These nozzles will not corrode or rust even when they are exposed to extreme weather conditions like humidity, moisture or rain, keeping your investment safe for years to come. And as they are corrosion resistant, you come out smoothly without any hassle, for servicing purpose.


Additionally, the in-built anti-drip feature ensures the water from the misting system doesn’t leak once it is powered off, thus users don’t have to worry about water dripping on the floor. The water stops flowing instantly the moment it is switched off.


By deploying these stainless steel nozzles in your misting system you can enjoy high rate of atomization and ultra-fine mist. The water that generates through its small orifices is broken down into tiny droplets size of less than 50 micron thus spraying the finest quality of mist possible, mist that absorbs fast and creates a cool zone instantly.


These nozzles are all you need to power up the performance of your misting system significantly and keep your surroundings super cool even in the hottest summer days.




Antidrip 10/24 Thread Nozzle Flow


 OUTDOOR MIST COOLING - Amusement Park, Golf Course, Hotels and Resorts, Living areas, Restaurants, Spectator seating areas, Sporting events, Patio and backyard and special effects fogging

 INDUSTRIAL- Air and Gas, AC Condenser Coils, Cooling Towers, Concrete Curing, Construction, Mining, Odor and Dust Control, Paper Shredding, Plastic extrusion, Pollution Control, Textiles

 AGRICULTURE AND HORTICULTURE - Flower beds, Foliar Feeding, Greenhouses, Hydroponics, Orchards, Plants, Propagation, Storage cooling, Frost damage control, Vineyards

 ANIMAL COOLING - Aviaries, Barns, Dairy, Hogs, Horses, Kennels, Livestock, Poultry, Zoo


• Anti-drip (no drip) feature

• Stainless Steel Fixed Pin Orifice

• Stainless Steel Body

• Instant On, Instant OFF mist effect

• 60-70 Degree Cone Pattern Spray

• Minimum Working pressure 70PSI For (0.012'', 0.015'' and 0.020'')

• Minimum Working pressure 250PSI For (0.006, 0.008'')

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